Our story begins on Long Island, New York during the summer of 2020, where Rugged Jack – thirsting for adventure and craving the outdoors – was struck by a sudden urge to spice things up, setting out to grow, harvest and bottle the very best mother nature had to offer.

 It was then that Rugged Jack’s Hot Sauce was born: a bold, taste bud-tingling experience crafted for those with an insatiable appetite for adventure.

 Each drop delivers a dose of Jack’s hand-grown, small-batch herbs and spices—a perfect companion to the meals and moments shared on the trail, in the weeds, or at the summit.

 But what this well-worded bio can’t capture, a taste will.

 Try one of Rugged Jack’s 6 hot pepper sauces and discover why when the going gets bland, #JustAddJacks.